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Dear Diary (13/09/03): Dawson and Pacey's Excellent Adventure

Published: Thursday, 30 Nov 2017 6:04 PM

Dear Diary, Mood: Sticky, but relaxed. Broke my one entry a day goal already. Take that ambitions! Anyway, I had a fantastic dream last night after watching the new episode of Dawson's Creek. Here's a transcription: Dawson touched the quivering tip arched against his lover's belly, the violent throbbing of his anus matching the pulsebeat in the sharply conspicuous veins of Pacey's penis. Tracing the erection in a languid downward motion, Dawson felt his body open in welcome as if his fingertips were vetting agent for his brain. "Will I fit?" Pacey whispered, sliding his hand around to Dawson's backside. "Do you think you can take it ... all?" he softly inquired, slipping one finger into his pulsing orifice. "I'll try," Dawson breathily responded, the words half-swallowed as Pacey slid a second finger inside. "I want this," Dawson finally answered on a small, caught breath, touching Pacey's splended arousal. And bending, he licked the full-stretched head with his tongue. Pacey's fingers slid from Dawson's body. "It's yours," he whispered, watching Dawson gently stroke his glistening length as if gauging how much he could swallow, bringing added dimension to his arousal. "Oh, my" Dawson uttered in fascinated admiration as the rigid shaft grew under his hands.