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Dear Diary (10/09/03): makeup tips

Published: Friday, 17 Nov 2017 8:04 PM

Dear Diary, Mood: Content It's my third day of high school. I guess I'm doing these every day. Maybe future generations will learn something from these four years of humiliation that I'm being forced to endure. Anyway, here are some makeup tips. 1. pick a foundation that's about three shades too pale 2. always go for the "jumbo" crayon 3. mascara is meant to run, fuck waterproof 4. beauty hurts, but life hurts more, choose comfort over chic 5. death can really take a toll on one's complexion 6. WWBDD (what-would-brody-dalle-do?) 7. true beauty is on the inside (lol) 8. listen to masc4masc, there are more tips buried in the EP