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Dear Diary (09/09/03): the definitive ranking of good cries

Published: Monday, 13 Nov 2017 12:54 AM

Dear Diary, Mood: Emo. So Emo. It's my second day of high school. Here are some musings about why I'm feeling a lot of things today. I call it, my definitive ranking of "good cries." 7. french-fries-are-now-cold cry 6. missed-this-week's-episode-of-Charmed cry 5. post-breakup cry 4. in-a-relationship-now cry 3. you-can't-see-it-but-i'm-crying-on-the-inside cry 2. dead-tamagotchi cry 1. masc4masc-is-the-greatest-band-in-the-world cry